Getting the Ball Rolling


Hey there! I need to start writing here as soon as possible, otherwise I never will. I created this site about a month ago yet have not written a single word.

pic Photo by Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren) on Unsplash

In general, the goal of this personal site is to write my very casual, unfiltered and unedited thoughts on whatever I have happening in my life. It could be travels, work or whatever. The content here won’t see much editing - I want posting here to be as frictionless as possible such that I can produce more content. For more curated, high-quality content - take a look at my medium page.

The target audience is simple - my future self. If anybody else is interested in my life and philosophy, they are more than welcome to tag along :)

Why Write?

Over the years I have found writing to be more and more valuable. It helps me articulate my thoughts. It has the added benefit of documenting said thoughts so I never truly forget what I thought at a certain point in time. I have been journalling and writing my philosophy on life for the last three years semi-consistently - but it has all been private. I have a wealthy Evernote where I keep a lot of personal thoughts (which I am not really ready to share with the world), material I’ve studied and digested, journals, goals and a lot of other things. Even if no one else reads it, having a personal journal of my thoughts, opinions and feelings at moments in time is an immensely valuable outlet for my own self-reflection and self-learning.

Further, I believe it is paramount to show the world who you are. People are not very genuine until you get to know them very well and this hinders our experience in life because it makes it harder to connect with like-minded people. For a self-improvement junkie like me who prefers to stay at home and spend time on activities that are sure to bring value to my life, rather than spend time with people you don’t very well, it is hard to show your true self. Regardless, even if you were the most outgoing extrovert, the audience you can reach is still hard capped by the time you spend and your surroundings. Something like online writing does not have this limitation.

I also have a habit I want to kick which is keeping my thoughts to myself. It is important to share what you think - this helps you find places where you’re wrong more easily as people will happily point out.

There is a lot of value in producing a lot of raw content in order to iterate faster. This is worthy of a blog post but in a short paragraph, I want to stay that it is extremely useful to just get the ball rolling on something. It is extremely useful to “just start” with whatever you are planning to do and figuring out how you want it to look like on the way there.

For a second, let me argue by analogy (and not first principles): Rapid iteration is how people start companies - not many successful entrepreneurs think about a company they want to start for years on end before beginning. Rapid iteration is how unfit people easily get in shape - anybody who has done this knows that spending time figuring out the “perfect” routine and diet prior to starting was a waste of time. Rapid iteration is how we find fun in the process. Improving things is rewarding and executing on ideas is fun.

There is a trap people fall into with waiting for the perfect time or until they get the best idea. This rarely comes. People should be more wary of their time and how fast life passes you by. I’ve been meaning to write my own blog for years now and I cannot believe it took me this long to start!

I’ve had similar experiences in life where I took way too much time before starting something and I’ve always regretted not starting earlier. So let’s just start!

Adiós for now, Stan